For International Partners

-Or Danish partners with international focus. Tietgen CompetencyCentre works with tailored training and skills enhancement for companies and their staff.

Our aim is to support companies in developing and strengthening their mercantile and international profile and we work with needs analysis, tailoring of training and education with focus on the skill-enhancement that our customers need. It can be anything from courses focusing on elements such as foreign languages, project planning, sales, integration, social inclusion and culture to major projects and efforts focusing on preparing businesses and their employees to function in a global world.

We can develop and tailor-make business courses with international and/or culture-specific elements and focus depending on the needs of our customers and partners. Flexibility and customer-need is key and we can develop anything from workshops with key points lasting a few hours to skill-training programmes spread throughout several weeks/months, “face to face training” or blended learning with online-elements at the customer may need.

  • Examples of tailor-made-courses are:
  • Cross Culture
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Management
  • Project planning and management
  • LEAN
  • Process-mapping

As we are partners in a number of projects aimed at developing and strengthening companies, we can often help our customers fund the training and courses through these projects. The projects are funded by grants under various EU programs, from Local Government Authorities, private foundations etc.

For more information regarding our “off the shelf” courses with international elements please, please see Courses with an International Focus – If you wish to look into tailor-made training please contact our Management Consultants.

For more information regarding our projects please see