Tietgen Business educates experts of the future. This places great expectations on our school and our students.

Tietgen offers Vocational Education and Training (VET) in the business field. Business education and training which qualify students to work professionally in retail, general trade, the event industry and in finance, administration and management.

A number of the courses also allow students to continue into further education and training at universities and university colleges.

A full VET at Tietgen Business is comprised of two parts, the school-based core course of study and the main course, which takes place in a company as part of an agreement between the student and an employer in the private or public sector.

School-based core courses of study

The school-based core course of study lasts between one semester and two full years, depending on the field of business, the student is aiming for. Students aiming for jobs in retail or general trade in business-to-business companies spend up to one year at school before continuing on the main course. Classes include Danish, English as a second language, Accounting, Marketing and IT.

Students aiming for administration jobs or jobs in the financial sector must complete two full years at school in the core course. Classes include the abovementioned subjects all at a higher level and, in addition, Organization, Mathematics and Electives.

Main course alternating between school and practical training

The main course normally lasts two full years during which the training alternates between practical on-the-job training and 3-5 week courses at the school. Students must be contracted by an approved employer and thus be paid during the two years of training.

Teaching methods

Regardless of what kind of career within the business field a student aims for, we offer an appropriate course in a practical, supportive and project-based environment at Tietgen.

It is a fundamental principle for us that all teaching and training must be as practical and job-related as possible. Therefore, we strive to work in a project-based manner and in close collaboration with the private and public sector in all of our classes.

Admission to courses

Students who have finished their compulsory education in the Danish lower secondary schools with satisfactory results in primary classes will be admitted into our school. Around 50 % of the students are 16-17 years old when starting at Tietgen, the other half between 18 and 30 with the majority in their early 20s.

Teacher qualifications

Teachers must hold as a minimum a bachelor´s degree in relevant fields and in addition, a minimum of two years of employment in a job relevant to the subjects they teach.

More information about the Danish I-VET system