The Higher Commercial Examination Programme

The hhx is educational, study preparatory and vocational. It opens many doors on your road to success.

The hhx (Higher Commercial Examination Programme) at Tietgen qualifies students for higher education in Denmark and abroad. The programme provides students with broad qualifications for further studies and has a distinct focus on business related subjects. The aim of providing a qualification for academic studies is realised within the areas of business economics and socio-economics combined with foreign languages and other general subjects. The education programme aims to develop the students’ capacity for in-depth studies and their understanding of theoretical knowledge as tools for analysing realistic issues.

Approx. 1600 students are enrolled in the hhx programme at Tietgen and it is the largest in our region. Tietgen hhx holds 60 classes and more than 100 teachers. Students choose between four different study programmes. Marketing, Economy, Innovation and International. Each programme qualifies students for higher education.

In addition, we provide the Cambridge English Preliminary (B1) and the Goethe Certificate in German. The courses are designed to boost students' career opportunities with a new employer, or help students achieve a promotion or to develop his or her career. The courses and study materials are free of charge for students at Tietgen. However, the students pay for their participation in the test.

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