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Our history 

We are proud to be named after the renowned local businessman C.F. Tietgen.

Tietgen was inaugurated in 1954 as the result of a merger of three independent business schools in Odense. Since then, Tietgen has undergone a rapid and comprehensive development.

Today, Tietgen is a modern centre for education and knowledge. In collaboration with large and medium-sized companies across the country, we develop targeted education programmes. We are a part of nationwide education networks and we have a significant position in the fields of management training and continuing education.

Through our close collaboration with other educational institutions – and, most importantly, companies – we ensure access to the most recent knowledge and practice-oriented education. This means that a large part of our students and course participants is either employed – or will be immediately after completing our programmes.

Tietgen is named after Odense-born financier Carl Frederik Tietgen (1829-1901). Known as one of Danish business community’s most innovative, dynamic and internationally oriented leaders.

Vision & Mission

Large parts of the modern business community in Denmark is influenced by C.F. Tietgen.

It is Tietgen’s mission to develop inquiring, curious and caring young people who will help create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

It is Tietgen’s mission to successfully develop and provide students, learners and course participants with competitive, mercantile competencies within the framework of our overall social responsibilities.

Through our various programmes, we aim to encourage our students, learners and course participants to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners as well as engaged and open-minded citizens of the world.

Our vision is to accomplish this mission in a dedicated, action-oriented and innovative manner.

Our vision is to carry out this mission in a dedicated, action-oriented and innovative manner.

The underlying values of working to realize this vision are:

  • Experiences of a lifetime
  • The individual in the community
  • Collaboration


Leading Tietgen into the future.

Tietgen is a self-governing institution and the school's finance is based on means of grants from the Ministry of Education allocated based on the number of students.

As Tietgen has different departments, the board of governors appoints a director, who formally and legally handles the day-to-day management.

At each of the three branches, Tietgen Handelsgymnasium, Tietgen Business and Tietgen CompetencyCentre, is a responsible head who answers to the director and the board of governors.

To read more on management, the self-governance structure and the composition of the board, click here.


Tietgen is one of the largest educational institutions in Denmark.

More than 3,000 students/course participants and 350 employees spend their days at one of Tietgen's departments in Odense.

Tietgen Handelsgymnasium

Tietgen's commercial examination programme is the largest upper secondary school in Southern Denmark. It is situated at Elmelundsvej 10 in Odense V. At the school, you will find:

  • 3-year higher examination programme (hhx)
  • 2-year higher examination programme (hhx) - beginning summer 2018

Tietgen Business

Tietgen Business contains our vocational education and is situated at Lerchesgade 29 in Odense C - just a 2-minute walk from the train station. At Tietgen Business, you will find:

  • Eud Business
  • Eux Business
  • Main Programmes for administration-, sales assistant- and medical secretary training
  • Tietgen Trainee Center - work experience for students who did not obtain a traineeship
  • Tietgen Trainee Service - assistance in obtaining a traineeship for both students and companies

Tietgen CompetencyCentre

Our competency centre is situated at two locations in Odense: at Ejlskovsgade 3 in Odense C and Rugårdsvej 286 in Odense NV. At Tietgen CompetencyCentre, you will find:

  • Adult vocational training (Danish abbreviation: AMU) in management, economics, accounting, IT/digitization, language, communication, sales and marketing
  • Brief and intensive courses
  • Competency courses
  • Company-tailored courses
  • Tietgen CompetencyCentre's international department


Our management, finance, as well as salary and human resource department is located at the fifth floor on Elmelundsvej 10, 5200 Odense V.